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Welcome to, the ultimate destination for exquisite Olive wooden and silver Christian products and jewelry. Founded by John Assi, a Nazareth-born immigrant to Sweden, our website is driven by a deep sentimental connection to home and a love for the craftsmanship of olive wood artifacts. 

As a small child, John Assi left Nazareth for a better future in Sweden. In the palm of his hand, he held a single piece of olive wood cross—a symbol that encapsulates everything he left behind, which reminded him of the warmth and love of his dear homeland. In that pivotal moment, a deep affection for this cherished artifact took root within John’s soul and heart, forever intertwining his life’s narrative with its significance. These artifacts, infused with memories and longing, sparked John’s passion to create a brand that would honor his heritage while empowering and inspiring others.

Nazareth Fair Trade is not just a brand; it is an empowering, bold, forward-thinking, yet traditional movement that draws inspiration from real-life experiences. We understand the value of connecting with our customers, our friends, and the diverse positive influences that shape our world. In designing and creating our products, we listen to your stories, draw inspiration from your lives, and incorporate global influences to ensure that our designs are meaningful and resonate with your unique spiritual journeys.

Our dedicated team of experienced artisans and designers pour their creativity into crafting outstanding jewelry and souvenirs from the finest materials. With unwavering commitment to quality, passion, and honesty, we strive to deliver extraordinary designs that not only elegantly embellish you but also provide a profound sense of spirituality. Renowned for our products’ exceptional quality, design, and purpose, we guarantee that our customers will possess the highest caliber of Christian jewelry available in the market.

At Nazareth Fair Trade, we take immense pride in marketing products primarily made in the Holy Land by Christian families residing in the mountainous region of the Galilee, near Nazareth. These families, deeply rooted in the land, embody a vibrant community life and an unwavering faith that is reflected in every piece we offer. Our workshops are scattered across villages in the northern and southern regions of the Holy Land, where Christian ethnic groups reside. By connecting with Christians worldwide, we have created an opportunity for talented artists to craft exclusive artifacts symbolizing the bond between faithful Christians and God.

Each exquisite souvenir is meticulously prepared with love, care, and diligent workmanship. When you choose to purchase our items, you not only acquire a magnificent artifact that brings the holiness of the Christian spirit into everyday life but also contribute to the welfare of Christians around the globe. Your support sustains the livelihoods of the Christian families who create these masterpieces, enabling them to continue their craft and preserve the traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Experience the beauty, spirituality, and social impact of our products at Join us on this meaningful journey as we strive to bridge cultures, honor traditions, and create a lasting connection between faithful individuals and the Holy Land. Together, let us celebrate the rich heritage of olive wood craftsmanship and spread the message of love, faith, and unity throughout the world.

white dove or white pigeon carrying olive leaf branch on pastel background and clipping path and international day of peace