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Nazareth Fair Trade Olive Wood Cross Necklace Crucifix Handmade in Nazareth

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Embrace the power of faith with this stunning olive wood cross, handcrafted in the holy land of Nazareth. Made from a single solid piece of top-grade olive wood, this cross exudes elegance and grace. Its unique design, featuring a carved-out crucifix, sets it apart from the ordinary, bringing a new level of minimalist beauty to the traditional symbol of faith.

The fragrance of the wood and the care taken in its creation by our artists combine to create a spiritual and sensory experience like no other. The cotton cord, adjustable to your preferred length, allows for easy wearing and a personal touch.

Wear this cross as a constant reminder of the love and guidance of Jesus Christ, directing you towards the righteous path. Let it be a symbol of your faith and a source of inspiration in all that you do. This handcrafted piece is more than just a mere accessory, it’s a cherished keepsake to treasure for a lifetime.

When you purchase one of our olive wood cross necklaces, you are not only making a statement about your faith but also contributing to the welfare of the Christian families who make these magnificent artifacts. The materials used to create the cross are exceptional and made with diligent craftsmanship, ensuring that you are receiving the highest quality Christian religious jewelry in the market. We take pride in our mission to bring the holiness of the Christian spirit into everyday life and are confident in the quality of our products.


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