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Nazareth Fair Trade Handmade Ichthus Fish Olive Wood Necklace from Nazareth

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This handcrafted Jesus fish olive wood pendant is a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. Made in Nazareth from a single piece of top-quality olive wood, each pendant is carefully carved by our skilled artists. The pendant features a beautifully fragrant wood that not only provides a spiritual experience but also a visually stunning one.

The pendant features an adjustable cotton cord, making it easy to wear for people of any size. This ichthus fish pendant is an important reminder of the rich history of Christianity. In ancient times, Christians used this symbol to discreetly identify themselves to one another, as a way to protect themselves from persecution. The legend has it that when an early Christian met a stranger, he or she would draw half of the fish on the ground. If the stranger completed the sketch, they would both know they were Christians. Today, it serves as a symbol of our freedom to follow Jesus Christ and practice our faith openly.

Wearing this pendant is a way to keep our faith at the forefront of our minds and to be reminded of the importance of living a righteous life. It’s a beautiful and meaningful souvenir that will bring joy and inspiration for years to come.


Pendant width: 2.5 Centimetres; Pendant height: 4 Centimetres; Necklace length: 38 Centimetres


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