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Nazareth Fair Trade Handmade Olive Wood Rosary Made By Ukrainian Refugee Women

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Nazareth Fair Trade presents its exquisite rosaries. The rosaries offered are not just objects of devotion, but symbols of hope and grace.

Handcrafted from the finest olive wood sourced from the holy land of Nazareth, each bead is strung together with care and intention. Crafted with methodical and diligent workmanship. Ukrainian women in Poland, touched by the tragedy of war, assemble these strands of faith with skillful hands, infusing each one with a prayer for peace.

By purchasing one of our items, you immediately contribute to the welfare of Ukrainians affected by the tragic war. You’ll also acquire a magnificent artifact that brings the holiness of the Christian spirit into your everyday life.

With their methodical and diligent workmanship, these rosaries are a visual treat and a true testament to the passion and commitment of our artisans. Join us in our mission to support our fellow brothers and sisters and bring a touch of elegance to your spiritual practice.

Order your rosary now and experience the beauty and power of Christian jewelry from Nazareth Fair Trade and allow these rosaries to grace your daily journey with faith and love.


Cross height: 4 Centimetres; Cross width: 2.5 Centimetres Necklace length: 48cm


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